About Us

    The Hygent Musical Instruments Company factory was established in 2007. Our primary focus is the production of stringed instruments and amplifiers that meet the needs and quality standards of today’s discerning musicians, while still maintaining a cost effective platform. We are situated in a geographically advantageous location of China which provides optimum conditions, allowing us to manufacture our instruments all year long, without compromising integrity. 

    Since 2009, Hygent has invest lot money for import machinaries, researching and engineering every year.  In addition to shortening the production cycle, the integration of CNC machines has yielded significant improvement in the consistency and craftsmanship of our entire product line. We not only offer a diverse line of 'stock' and kit guitars but also have the ability to meet any ‘custom’ manufacturing requests (providing there are no copyright infringement needs). If you are looking for distinctive design in anything from specific wood types, paint, electronics, hardware, fret inlay or logo work, we can help you realize your vision and provide you with an instrument worthy of your aspiration. Our product is our signature and we are dedicated to satisfying our customers’ requirements quickly and efficiently. So whether you are outfitting your local music store, building a one of a kind custom ‘dream’ guitar or launching your own guitar company; we would love to be a part of your journey. Contact us now and let’s build the future, together.